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Why Croma Archive?

Croma is a content analytics platform driven by machine learning that adds layers of context on top of the news. Use Croma to identify patterns, trends and connections between stories.

Croma Archives main goal is to give you instant access to every article ever published on your publication. The way Google Search would do it, but better. How better? By placing advanced search right on the results, enabling keyword and entity filtering with one click. And relating every single article ever publisher so you don't have to do the hard work of connecting the dots when researching a story, subject, person or company.

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What to expect

Find anything

Any story, ever published, is just one search away. Using the statistical properties, Croma will index your whole news archive and help you retrieve any story within milliseconds.

Analyze everything

Identify patterns and trends across multiple timelines and across multiple content sources at once. Croma helps you connect the dots behind apparently unrelated news.

Surface past topics

Croma will automatically identify topics within your news coverage. It will help journalists save time and keep track of the evolution of a story as it develops or bring back past topics to feed the news agenda.

Connect the dots

Extract any entity - is it a person, company, place or topic - and cross-reference it to any other entity by time or topic. Croma helps you find how different stories are related.

Re-tag your articles

Automatically tag your entire news archive and retrieve any news story using complex keywords combinations. Entity extraction will provide additional tagging by people, places and organizations.

Integrate into your CMS

Croma Archives is 100% accessible through an API. It enables your to integrate search, article recommendations and entity suggestions to your CMS, search engine and public facing pages.

Search within Slack

No need to add a new tool to your stack. Just add Croma Archive to Slack and enable your journalist with instant access to your entire archive. No more guessing or googling for your own content.

Rediscover your archive

Croma enables your team to access pieces of content deeply hidden in your news publication archive. Take one step into the future while you rediscover your news archive.

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Why do I need a new way to access my news archive?

Your publication, same as so many others, has spent countless hours crafting compelling stories to serve your communities. In this process, you've spent hundreds of thousands - or many, many millions - of dollars to create your journalism. All that value is usually really hard to tap into unless you have an easy, journalist-friendly way to do it.

Will it make our newsroom more efficient? At what specifically?

Absolutely. From the start, we wanted to help journalists focus on journalism. If you've ever found yourself doing any of these things, Croma Archives will help you:

Is it very expensive?

Not at all. We’ve worked really hard in making a state of the art, really easy to use product available for every publisher. If you want to learn more, you can check our pricing page.

Do I need a tech team to implement it?

No. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. If you do have a tech team in-house they can also use our API to create many custom-made solutions for you.

Who should use it within the newsroom?

Croma Archives can be used across different teams and roles with different purposes:

What other benefits should we expect?

Re-circulation of audience and growth of engagement with your publication based on relevance.

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What manual tasks can Croma replace? (Efficiency in human resources)

The technology behind Croma Archives can potentially be used for several repetitive tasks such as tagging of content, adding related stories to articles, scrolling through thousands of stories to find the one you are looking for, etc. We aim to serve publications by having their staff focus on what they are best at: telling the stories that their audiences need to know about.

Will it work with my CMS?

Yes. Whether you work with a widely adopted CMS like Wordpress or had something custom built for you, we can assure you it will work.

What languages are supported?

As of today, just English. If you would like to have it available in your language, please reach out to

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