Turn your news archive into a live resource with the power of A.I.

Croma is a content analytics platform driven by machine learning that adds layers of context on top of the news. Use Croma to identify patterns, trends and connections between stories.

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Search and cluster your whole historical news archive in milliseconds
Learn what machine learning can do for your newsroom


Croma enables your team to access pieces of content deeply hidden in your news publication archive.

Using the statistical properties of n-grams, find complex terms in millisenconds.


Identify patterns and trends across multiple timelines and accross multiple content sources at once.

Croma helps you connect the dots behind apparently unrealated news.


Extract any entity - is it a person, company, place or topic - and cross-reference it to any other entity by time or topic.

Croma helps you find how different stories are related.

Learn more about Croma Archive and how to integrate it into your workflow
Recirculate your audience with related topics and stories.
Croma topics
Change how you approach your coverage with historical news clustering.


Croma will automatically identify topics within your news coverage.

It will help your whole organization keep track of the evolution of a story as it develops.


Automatically tag your whole news archive and retrive any news story by keywords, bigrams and trigrams.

Entity extraction will provide additional tagging by people, places and organizations.


Any story, ever published, is just one search away.

Croma will index your whole news archive and help you retirve any story witin milliseconds.

Track your best performing content, circulating organicaly on social platforms.
Bring the social perfomance of your stories into the editorial decision making process.


Croma tracks the organic distribution of your publication's content to help you easily see which stories are generating engagements on social.

Get notified about which story has been shared in your social accounts and find new opportunities to distribute content.


Easily spot your trending stories and identify which stories to share and reshare in specific verticals during the day.

Croma opens up a completely new way of looking at engagements to drive traffic from across different social verticals to your site.


Benchmark your publication against relevant competitors' to better understand your competitive landscape.

Put into context your own performance to improve your overall metrics.

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Track your best performing content, circulating on social platforms.

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Search and cluster your whole indexed news archive in milliseconds


Recirculate your audience with related topics and stories.


Power your website search with our powerful APIs.

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